The Network Game

As an off-the-shelf game, The Network Game provides a very cost-effective policy development and training tool for organizations with 100 or more people involved.

The Network Game for Policy Development

In the policy development mode of operation, The Network Game is customized for use by key decision makers in your organization to address the most important policy decisions you have to make today. We provide this customization and facilitate an on-site exercise, typically of about two hours in length. After the exercise, we write up the results, which are typically in terms of draft corporate policies based on the decisions made during the exercise. The new corporate policies are then turned into a semi-custom version of The Network Game for use in training your employees about these polcies.

The typical cost of this process is about $10,000, and it includes everything you need to train your employees after the policies have been approved.

The Network Game for Training and Awareness

If your policies are already decided on and in place, The Network Game can be customized to your policies to provide a corporate training and awareness program for about $5,000. In this process, we take a copy of your policies, customize The Network Game to them, and create everything you need to train your employees on your policy in 1-hour exercises for groups of about 20 employees.