The Sexual Harassment Game

Sexual harassment is no game, but the Sexual Harassment Game is a useful tool for training your employees about your policies on sexual harassment. And as any good corporate attorney will tell you, an effective training program is your best insurance:

Under the EEOC Guidelines, "prevention is the best tool for elimination of sexual harassment. Employers should: (i) affirmatively raise the subject; (ii) express strong disapproval; (iii) develop appropriate sanctions; (iv) inform employees of their right to raise and how to raise the issue of harassment under Title VII; and (v) develop methods to sensitize all concerned." See generally - EEOC Policy Guidance No. N-915-050, "Current Issues On Sexual Harassment," March 19, 1990.

How the game works:

The game is played in groups of about 30 employees working on 5 or 6 teams. The teams discuss scenarios and agree on a range of responses that they think would be fitting. They then present their results to the rest of the group and the facilitator rates the responses based on corporate policy.

In the process of "playing" the game, issues are brought out and discussed between employees and across the entire group. The facilitator assures that the official corporate policy is made clear to all in attendance and the score sheets kept by each group provide both evidence of the training and evaluations of how well the groups perform.

In areas where employee performance is low, the score sheets indicate the specific weaknesses and which employees show those weaknesses so that additional training can be provided and documented to assure compliance.

What the game costs:

Semi-custom sexual harassment game sets can be purchased for as little as $2500 and facilitated training using our professional facilitators costs only about $1800 per day plus travel expenses (that's enough to train about 180 employees). For companies that want to do their own facilitating, we can train up to 30 facilitators for a $2500 one-time fee.

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