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*** Originally written Tue, 03 Apr 101 17:53 +0300 MSK to VVK:

April 3rd CALL-IN for IRAQ begins....

***print this out and pass it on to a friend***
TUESDAY, April 3, 2001

In less than 12 hours, help us light up the switchboards in Washington, DC
calling for an end to the U.S. led siege against the people of Iraq.  Every
phone call counts!  Write down the following phone numbers and plan to...

(1) CALL SECRETARY OF STATE COLIN POWELL at 202-647-5291 or fax
Thank the Secretary of State for publicly acknowledging the need to
alleviate the suffering of ordinary Iraqis. Remind him that the UN
Oil-for-Food program cannot address the dire poverty (over 50% of the
population lives below the poverty line) and unemployment underlying Iraq's
humanitarian crisis. Urge Powell to eliminate the 661 Sanctions Committee
and other obstacles that prevent the restoration of civilian economic life
to Iraq.

(2) CALL YOUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVE via the Congressional Switchboard at
202/225-3121 or 202/224-3121.
When you reach the switchboard operator, ask for the office of your
Representative.  When you reach the office, ask to speak with the staffer
who handles foreign policy.  Be prepared to leave a brief voice message and
your phone number if necessary.  As a constituent, briefly state why you
oppose the ongoing war and sanctions against Iraq.  Urge the staffer to
raise your concerns regarding the plight of the Iraqi people with your
Representative.  Ask the office to co-sponsor H.R. 742, the Humanitarian
Exports Leading to Peace Act of 2001.  If your Representative has already
co-sponsored this important legislation, thank them for their support. (For
complete information about H.R. 742, read the important brief below).

DON'T KNOW WHO YOUR CONGRESSPERSON IS?  Want their direct phone number and
contact information?  Visit http://congress.org and scroll down to "Elected
Officials". Punch in your zip code and follow the links to get the phone
number for your Representative in Washington.

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