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[FC - I know it's only economic cyber way - or crime - but this is
pretty substantial...]

Multi-billion dollar Net banking fraud uncovered An Internet fraud
scheme involving fake bank guarantees worth 2.7 billion pounds ($3.9
billion) has been uncovered by the International Chamber of Commerce,
the ICC announced on Thursday.  Some 29 websites used in the scam were
shut down but the mastermind was still at large, said Jon Merrett,
assisant director of the ICC Commercial Crime Bureau and Cybercrime
Units which polices all financial and intellectual property rights
breaches on the Internet.  ``We believe two people were arrested in
Switzerland and two in San Francisco, but we don't think anything came
of that as they were not the masterminds,'' he said.  The person or
persons behind the scam was still at large and could be running other
online fraud schemes, Merrett warned. 

First Predictive Network Attack Defense Software Intro'd
SecurityFocus.com has taken the wraps off the Attack Registry &
Intelligence Service (ARIS), which the company says is the world's first
network attack predictor and incident management system.  The software,
which resides on a company's network, consists of two main modules: an
Analyzer and a Predictor.  The Analyzer does what many network security
packages do, namely collecting and analyzing incident data.  However, it
is the Predictor module that is the firm's jewel in the crown, since it
interfaces its data anonymously with other networks using ARIS data.  In
use, ARIS automatically - and anonymously - collects a company's
intrusion detection system (IDS) log files, and presents users with
organized reports on attacks to their systems, as well as information on
how best to respond to these attacks. 

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