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April 16, 2001

British 'top secret' laptop reported missing A British Defense Ministry
laptop computer packed with national security secrets has gone missing
after an official left it in the back of a taxi, the mass-selling Mirror
tabloid reported Monday.  The laptop was thought to contain vital
information about new weapons systems, it said.  The Mirror said the
official had notified police about the missing laptop.  No immediate
comment was available from the Defense Ministry or police.  It was the
latest of several laptops with military or intelligence information
reported lost in Britain in just over a year. 

Morocco bans access to radical islamists' Web sites Morocco's main
Islamist opposition group said on Monday the government had banned local
access to its Internet Web sites.  The al-Adl Wal Ihsane (Justice and
Charity) group launched two Web sites last August through local
providers to communicate with supporters and circumvent an official ban
on its activity and publications.  ``In the past two weeks, access to
our Web sites has not been possible for our supporters and the Moroccan
people due to a technical ban imposed by the authorities to silence our
movement,'' Kamil Yassine, a leading member of the group, told Reuters. 

FCC Nixes FBI's Plan To Change Wiretap Law The Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) today denied an FBI request to change a federal
eavesdropping statute, a move that would have forced telecom carriers to
keep a tighter leash on employees who carry out court-ordered wiretaps. 
The FBI had asked the commission for "more effective personnel security
obligations" at telecom companies to "ensure the trustworthiness of the
private- company employees who have become increasingly responsible for
implementing electronic surveillance." The additional security steps
would have required carriers to maintain a list of personal information
on employees who conduct wiretaps.  Carrier employees would also have to
sign nondisclosure agreements and agree to undergo thorough background
checks by the FBI.  The added rules also would have required carriers to
report breaches of systems security within two hours. 

part of the solution to the growing threat from computer hackers and
Cybercriminals.  The Estonian Internet company whose system Samuel
hacked into says he is part of the problem.  Their dispute is a small
one in a small nation, but it captures the challenges facing companies
and governments in the Internet age.  Information that should be private
and protected--telephone records, Internet passwords, credit card
numbers and PINs, and medical histories--is proving vulnerable to a
growing legion of hackers in Estonia and elsewhere in the former Soviet

We thank Deputy Ron Levine for his generous contribution toward this

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