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Crackers Expand Private War As China and the United States attempt to
peacefully end their diplomatic standoff sparked by the mid-air
collision between a U.S.  spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet, crackers
from both countries continue to wage private wars on the Internet. 
American cracker group PoizonBOx has defaced at least a hundred Chinese
websites since April 4.  Chinese hackers are now vowing to retaliate
with a planned week-long all-out crack attack on American websites and
networks which will start on May 1. 

Computer crime investigators engage in war on cyber threats The Air
Force Office of Special Investigations fields a team of 48 specially
trained agents to ward off hackers, thwart computer criminals, and
detect cyber terrorists.  They are called computer crime investigators,
or CCIs, and escalating threats from the cyber world keep them on their
toes.  Probes and scans of Air Force computers from foreign locations
alone number in the millions per year.  The need for vigilance against
such threats is clearly demonstrated by the damage caused to the Air
Force by last year's "I Love You" computer virus:
-- Number of users executing the virus: 7,418
-- Number of servers offline: 1,065
-- Average downtime: 32 hours
-- Total cost: $3,174,427

White House shamed by poor e-security At least 155 US Government
computer systems were temporarily taken over by hackers last year,
according to a Government review.  But security consultant Neil Barrett
said he was surprised it was such a small number.  "Government systems
are often bought in bulk and installed to the same recipe.  Finding a
flaw and taking over one allows you to take over others easily," he
said.  A Congress subcommittee heard that very few federal agencies had
complied with security regulations to check the integrity of their
defences, leaving them vulnerable to malicious attacks.  Barrett
explained that the lengthy government procurement process means that
government agencies install systems that are "past their best". 

EDS new cyber security unit rated by U.S.  govt Electronic Data Systems
Corp's new cyber security unit has received a rating from the U.S. 
government which permits EDS to assess the protection of critical
government information, EDS said in a statement.  In an interview with
AFX News, the head of EDS' new Global Information Assurance Services
unit, Shakil Kidwai, said the company is one of only two groups in the
U.S.  to have gained the rating, and that it is likely to prove
effective in negotiations for new contracts in the private sector.

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