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In a few days I will be openning up a new information warfare area at specifically oriented toward this conflict - sort of like what
we did with the Palestinian / Israeli exchange.  Anyone interested in
supplying content is invited to participate.  As usual, the iwar list
will be kept up to date...


Per the message sent by Ozair:

> Hmmmm, I wonder if we are going to see something like a spawn of automated
> (robot) attackers. I am sure the supposed crudeness of the ME Cyber warfare
> would have taught all parties (offenders and defenders) a few tricks, and it
> would actually be interesting to see what happens in this place. Our dear
> friend Maglan would be able to gather some statistics.

> It is an opportunity to answer one question, how steep is the learning curve
> in cyber warfare?

> I am sure Rob would not miss this opportunity.

> Regards,
> Ozair

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