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U. of Miami hacked by 1i0n Crew! Chinese hackers have not caught up to
their American counterparts in the race for, well, who knows what they
are racing towards, but the headhunt is on and China can chalk up a few
more hits.  1i0n Crew, best known for the creation of the recent 1i0n
worm sent out to attack Linux systems, has defaced the University of
Miami Law Department website.  They also got a Korean site: the Sachon
Office of Education.  An anonymous hacker took over the Department of
Health and Human Services leaving only the message: You've been hacked
by the Chinese Government.  Of course, the chances that really was the
Chinese government are remote.  Would the FBI publicize a hack into a
Chinese site? Probably not.  Now for the conspiracy theorists out there,
it seems possible that an American hacker (or other) could have hacked
an American site and left the message to stir up a little trouble. 

Hacktivists launch virtual demo while streets blocked UK protests lend a
hand to demonstrators who can't get to American trade conference in
Canada.  A group of demonstrators in the UK are organising a "virtual
sit-in" against the trade group Free Trade Area of Americas (FTAA) in
protest of its promotion of economic globalisation and defiance of its
attempts to hamper street protests.  According to the organisers -- the
Electrohippies -- Internet action provides the only means to register
their opposition to the FTAA and its policies during its conference in
Quebec, which starts on Friday.  The FTAA has gained police support to
impose a 5km curfew zone around the conference in order to disrupt

Political cyberterrorism: Labour is Conservative The general election is
hotting up and the Internet will play a big part in it.  Odd then that
the Web address www.newlabour.co.uk points to arch enemy
www.conservatives.com.  What's going on here? A man known as Robert
Parker owns this URL that, quite frankly, many many people are likely to
tap in if they want to know more about the Labour party/government. 
Robert is a hard man to get hold of.  He won't answer his phone and the
company that registered the URL seems to believe that the Data
Protection Act prevents them from telling us any other contact details. 

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