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But you see, it can never be the melting pot that US is. And that is what
has been keeping US going. But I guess, only time will tell.


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Hello Ozair,

When Jean Monnet penned what became known as the Schuman Plan, outlining an
United States of Europe, then to become the EC, now EU, I thought their goal
could be summed up in three words (plus a subtitle):

"No more war" : through a political, economic and social unification of
France and Germany ....


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   Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 16:43:38 +0500
   From: "Ozair" <>
Subject: Spanner in the works!

After waiting for an umpteen e-mails on the subject. I present my final
reply, which I wrote the very day I sent my first reply on the subject :-)


It is a teaser all right, but I guess it should not tease a wrong way.
[snip ...]

If one takes a deep look at what does EU want--one word Greatness equal or
better than that of US, make no mistake, EU is in no way lesser than US,
technologically, politically and industrially, it may even be better at some

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