RE: [iwar] [anti-nato] NAVY EMAIL ADDRESSES!! (fwd)

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Date: 2001-04-30 09:59:09

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I would not characterize this as "spamming".

1.  "Spam" (apologies to Hormel, Inc.) is junk (e)mail.  It is unsolicited 
advertising, directed at ordinary citizens.  It is not intended to amount 
to a denial-of-service, of course, as this would defeat the intended message.

2.  An email-based protest is directed at a particular party or set of 
parties, usually a government (or corporate) office, intending to 
demonstrate the depth or breadth of resistance to a particular policy.  It 
"may" be intended to amount to a denial-of-service.

3.  A pure email-based denial-of-service attack would load up emails with 
maximal "garbage" content, in an attempt to overwhelm the target, through 
both the size and number of emails.

The "Navy Out Of Vieques" action sounds like (2) to me.


At 08:50 PM 4/30/01 +0500, you wrote:
>Shall we call this a version of spamming?


>The above are emails that belong to several Navy officials and officers.
>Send then an email demanding that the U.S. Navy leave Vieques immediately.
>Spread these emails far and wide as well!!  Motivate others to do likewise.

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