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This is a report from Chinese website www.sina.com.cn

Title:Us independent critics say that Chinese hackers are just
counterattacking US hackers.

News on ET April 28. When some US officers are censuring the pricking up
attacking on US websites by Chinese hackers, some independent critics point
out that the activities of Chinese hackers are ˇ§revenge ˇ¨. They do these
only because Chinese website being attacked by US hackers at first.
Report from New York Times: Michael Hick, the general manager of iDefense,
an internet information publish cooperation, said on April 28 that in 307
attacking against each otherˇ¦s government websites, 302 were made by US
hackers. These hackers had defaced many Chinese homepages and post their
supporting slogan to those 24 scout crews.
CEO of iDefense, James Adams and a member from Federal Security Consultative
Committee also express at the same time that although Chinese hackers had
attacked some US governmental websites, undoubtedly, they were revenging for
the attacks by US hackers
Barret McMick, a Chinese expert and political professor, said that the
aero-collision made some Chinese hackers very disgruntled with US
government. They hoped to express their dissatisfaction by attacking US
All these specialists indicated that at present it is impossible to control
such attacking activities for the incomplete regulation of Internet. Adams
said: ˇ§ Including Internet attack, Internet criminal activities are very
difficult to control, because they are not so obviously as theft or murder.
These electronic attacks have not noise and are hard to supervise.ˇ¨

April 29,2001


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