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This is a news from Chinese website: www.sina.com.cn

Reporter entered the IRC of HUC (Honker Union of China) at 5PM of April 30. 
Because the mobilization meeting is secret, only the members of HUC can take 
part in, so the non-members, including reporter, were kicked out of the IRC 
at 19:19. When the reporter re-entered it at 19:48, the meeting was already 
over. Since 20:00 (Beijing Time), the attack has begun.
Some foreign reports said that the attack action was supported by the 
Chinese government. It is only a rumor. In fact, the action was well 
organized, not by government, but by the civilian group. As far as reporter 
knew, the honkers (Chinese hackers) were divided into different groups 
according to their provinces. It even included group consisted of overseas 
Chinese. The members of each group cooperated each other. The IRC news was 
refreshed every now and then to report the new attack.
By 10 PM (Beijing time) May 1, there were 92 US websites in the hacked list 
of HUC. The number of hacked Chinese websites was more than 600. A member of 
HUC analyzed that most of US websites had prepared for the coming attacking, 
so they were very difficult to penetrate. Even if the websites were damaged, 
they could be recovered in several minutes. But if the Chinese websites were 
defaced, they would take longer time to restitute. To a certain extent, this 
conflict has reflected that the Chinese network administrators have not paid 
enough attention to the network security. So many honkers had to assist the 
administrators of hacked websites to recover their homepages.
Some specialists predict that the conflict will reach its climax on May 4 
and May 7 (Bombing day), they warn the websites take some prevention.


Tony Mo
May 2, 2001
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