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May 4, 2001

Hackers storm White House Web site Online vandals launched a
denial-of-service attack on the Bush administration's Whitehouse.gov
domain Friday, similar to assaults that crippled Yahoo and seven other
major Web sites more than a year ago.  While government and FBI
representatives would not confirm whether the site was indeed under a
denial-of-service attack, two Internet service providers said they found
evidence of a coordinated strike on government information servers that
support the site.  Between 5 a.m.  and 8 a.m.  PDT, page requests to the
Whitehouse.gov address went unanswered, said Dan Todd, chief
technologist for public services for Internet performance service
Keynote Systems. 

China sounds fresh hacking alarm over Web showdown Chinese Internet
security officers have alerted Web sites to the likelihood of more
attacks in a ''hacking'' war kicked off by the Sino-American spyplane
standoff, the China Daily said Friday.  The Computer Network and
Information Security Management Office told Web operators an average of
100 sites a day had seen ``some form of attack,'' higher than normal,
the paper quoted an official at the Web security office as saying. 

Hackers Hit 'Genius Grants' Web Site The Web site of the John D.  and
Catherine T.  MacArthur Foundation, a major philanthropic organization
best-known for its yearly "genius grants," has been defaced by hostile
computer hackers or "crackers" with a waving red-and-yellow Chinese

Chinese hack vital Web sites For two whole days this week, the American
public was denied access to the Web site of the Albuquerque office of
the Department of Energy by hackers purportedly operating out of the
People's Republic of China.  Those who turned for solace to the railroad
site run by the Department of Transportation were out of luck, too:
hackers struck that site as well as some sites run by the Labor
Department, the Department of the Interior and the National Institutes
of Health.  Hackers also hit the United Press International site,
amazing many who didn't even know the UPI was still in business, let
alone had a Web site. 

Chinese Hackers Step Up Attacks On US Web Sites
U.S. Hackers Retaliate Against Chinese Attacks

US 'National Security' surveillance up in 2000 US federal agents filed a
record 1,005 applications to perform electronic surveillance and covert
physical burglaries in supposed terrorism and espionage investigations
last year, all of which were granted, according to US Department of
Justice (DoJ) figures made public Wednesday.  The FBI's national
security wiretapping in 2000 shattered the previous record of 886
applications in 1999, and took up the slack from an overall decrease in
surveillance in conventional criminal investigations during the same
period, according to figures the Department of Justice reported to
Congress last week, obtained by the Federation of American Scientists
(FAS) under the Freedom of Information Act. 

Cyberwar? More Like Hot Air Hackers on both sides of the
Chinese-American cyberwar suddenly seem to have lost interest in their
war games.  For sure, there is still some fussing and feuding - Chinese
hackers' sites are filled with pleas to launch denial- of-service
attacks against U.S.  government sites.  Messages on U.S hackers' sites
urge all patriotic hackers to join in the campaign against China.  And
the website defacements continue, with each side claming to have
despoiled hundreds of sites. 


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