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China's Datang says it has not obtained Lucent data Datang Telecom
Technology Co said in a statement on Tuesday it has not obtained
sensitive computer data from Lucent Technologies Inc.  The statement
appeared after two Chinese nationals working as high-level scientists
for Lucent and a third man, a U.S.  citizen, were arrested and charged
in the United States last week with stealing the trade secrets for
transfer to a Chinese tech firm.  The three are accused of conspiring to
steal source code and software associated with Lucent's PathStar Access
Server, which facilitates transmission of voice communication through
the Internet while also providing call-waiting, speed dialing and other

Bill backs FOIA exemption for cybersecurity information A leading
cybersecurity lawmaker said Monday that he would introduce legislation
to exempt from the Freedom of Information Act businesses that share
information on computer intrusions with the government.  Sen.  Robert
Bennett, R-Utah, said such a move is essential to help safeguard the
Internet from hackers and cyber terrorists.  The bill, which Bennett
said he would introduce within the next 45 days, would draw upon his
experiences as chairman of the Senate's now-disbanded Y2K Committee in
fighting threats to keep America's computer networks open.  Bennett's
remarks came as he delivered the opening keynote speech at the
Electronic Industries Alliance's conference in Washington. 

Intelligence community welcomes data sharing Intelligence agencies are
embracing secure data sharing and collaboration as a way to smooth
processes and provide their users with one-stop shopping for services
and communications, several officials said during the Defense
Department's Secure E-Business Summit yesterday in Arlington, Va. 
Implementation of the Intelligence Community Systems Information Sharing
(ICSIS) initiative is in Phase 1 and will likely take several years to
complete, Defense Intelligence Agency systems architect Mike Swindle
said.  In July, management staff will be briefed on where the project
stands, and they will then decide how to proceed, Swindle said. 

The Cyber-Warriors Are Out To Get You Think your business is safe from a
cyber- attack? Tell that to the Australian bank that found A $600
million (US$311 million) was slipping out via the computer system.  They
caught it in time.  Or tell it to the water authority near Brisbane,
Australia, where a vandal remotely unleashed sewage into a reservoir. 
It doesn't surprise Ajoy Ghosh, Unisys Australia IT security whiz, who
found that Australian banks are among the Web sites most open to online
attack.  He reported findings of a Unisys survey to a media briefing on
IT security issues.

The Rise of Steganography The next major battle between hackers and the
Corporate Republic will almost surely involve the relatively unknown
fields of steganography and digital watermarking, otherwise known as
Information Hiding, a scientific discipline to take very seriously. 
This is where the big three digital policy issues -- privacy, security
and copyright -- all collide head-on with corporatism.  If they hated
Napster, they'll really go nuts over rapidly evolving research into how
to hide data inside data. 


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