Re: [iwar] Group to Release Filter-Foiling Tool-My Take

From: Tony Bartoletti (
Date: 2001-05-10 13:51:17

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Subject: Re: [iwar] Group to Release Filter-Foiling Tool-My Take
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> > ___tony___
> > Well, those who wrote, produced, or performed need a system of repayement.

Absolutely.  And I fully support reasonable means for apprehending and 
prosecuting those who engage in the illegal copying and distribution of 
copyrighted material or proprietary information.

But please, call it that: "illegal redistribution", or something similar.

I write a lot of my own software at home, and freely share the source 
code.  I generate unique computer graphics, and also write a bit of music, 
and intend to share it as well.  Hopefully, this will not mean the end of 
civilization as we know it :)

Don't make "sharing" a dirty word.  It was once considered a virtue.  That 
was the gist of my complaint.

Perhaps the pivotal point:  I recognize how much more difficult it is, 
today, to stem the tide of such illegal activities.  Because of this fact, 
there is a clear movement underfoot to make illegal the "means", rather 
than the "ends" (evidence the DMCA and its offspring).  By this logic, we 
would make automobiles illegal because they can be used as getaway cars and 
means of illicit transport, or outlaw the postal service because it is a 
vehicle for mail fraud.

Understandably frustrating for law enforcement.  But precluding means 
critical for information freedoms is a bad road to travel, in my opinion.



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