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Hi Fred: Interesting few messages.  Dropping systems has become easy to do
and thus,  pedestrian it would seem.  Almost like a space shuttle launch
these days. The big difference is who is hit and who hit them.   How
artfully it was does is a issue as well.  I suppose this goes to both means
and motive.

  We will have to see the outcome of this round when it is all over, but if
you remember the foreign policy ploy of the Carter Admin, something called
the " China Card"-yes, I have written on this issue- it almost see like we
are quickly headed toward needing a "Russian Card" to keep the Chinese from
causing trouble.  How strange the world has gotten!

Lets see where we are tomorrow?

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> Gateway drops its punter's pants in public A security gaffe by Gateway
> 2000 has resulted in the exposure of sensitive customer information on
> the PC vendor's web site.  Up until late this afternoon searching for
> 'delivery cost'(hardly the strangest request) on Gateway's UK site
> returned two copies of an Excel spreadsheet containing order details,
> customer contacts and phone numbers.  The spreadsheet didn't contain
> credit card details but had enough information, including the phone
> number of customer's banks, for con men to pose as Gateway reps or any
> number of frauds.  The Excel file contained the details of 449 Gateway
> customers almost all of which seemed to be from The Netherlands.
> Disney hit by Homepage virus SOURCES SAID that the Disney network was
> infected by the Homepage email virus, with practically every machine at
> the Orlando location down for two days.  The virus hit the theme parks,
> the hotels and the cruise ship.  That, said one wag, meant that the
> cruise ship "was totally dead in the water".  A guest staying at the
> Disney Hotel said the machines were still affected by the virus, with IT
> staff racing to fix the damage.
> White House Prepares Cyber-Security Plan The White House today said it
> is kicking into high gear a new version of the National Plan for
> Cyberspace Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection, which it
> said will be ready for action later this year.  The White House in a
> statement released today said that the Commerce Department's Critical
> Infrastructure Assurance Office now is coordinating several other
> federal departments and agencies on the plan, and that it has already
> held meetings with the banking and finance, electric power, rail
> transportation, oil and gas, state and local law enforcement,
> information technology and telecommunications industries.
> Arizona Governor Vetoes Cyber-Security Bill Arizona Gov.  Jane Hull, R,
> Tuesday vetoed legislation approved by the state legislature that would
> have established a critical infrastructure protection plan for the
> state.  Although the legislature approved the bill, a veto appeared all
> but certain once state Chief Information Officer Rick Zelznak signaled
> his opposition last week.  Despite its good intentions, the legislation
> "sets up a command and control structure," that could cause more
> problems than it solves, Zelznak said in a recent interview with
> Newsbytes.
> House committee makes bid to derail anti-spam bill A bill designed to
> reduce unsolicited commercial e-mail ran into trouble in a House
> committee Thursday, as business leaders and lawmakers declared their
> opposition to the legislation.  Almost every legislator and witness
> present for the House Judiciary Committee hearing said they had problems
> with the bill, which previously passed the House Energy and Commerce
> Committee.  At Thursday's hearing, Rep.  Bob Barr, R-Ga., urged the
> business leaders to work harder against the bill.  ``I would suggest a
> full-court press,'' Barr said, calling the legislation ``broad and
> heavy-handed.''
> Europeans Leave U.S.  In Huff Over Spy Network Two prominent European
> Parliament officials are canceling the rest of their trip to Washington,
> D.C., and returning to Europe after the State and Commerce Departments,
> as well as the CIA and National Security Agency, rebuffed their efforts
> to learn more about the Echelon spy system.  U.S.  input will be
> lacking, therefore, in an upcoming report the European Parliament
> intends to release later this month regarding Echelon.  The
> controversial intelligence network is capable of intercepting telephone
> and e-mail traffic across the world.
> Hacker tool lets freedom ping 'Peekabooty' set to circumvent
> state-sponsored censorship.  Mix a rabid love of freedom with an intense
> dislike of corporate or state- sponsored censorship, fold in the wacky
> collective brilliance of a group of rogue coders, and what do you get?
> Tyranny's worst nightmare: an untraceable, globally distributed digital
> information network called Peekabooty.  The denizens of the digital
> underground know it only as Project X, a closely held secret software
> application set to be unleashed on the world this July at an annual
> hacker blowout in Las Vegas known as DefCon by an equally infamous group
> known as the Cult of the Dead Cow, cDc for short.
> Threat management comes to the fore Touting a new way to look at
> enterprise security that involves intrusion detection and response
> technology, Recourse Technologies is preparing updates to its "threat
> management" products.  The Redwood City, Calif., company is planning to
> release by the end of June an upgrade to its ManHunt software, which
> combines detection, analysis and response to numerous types of network
> attack strategies for enterprise networks, managed security providers
> and Internet service providers.
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