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Wang Xianbing, a network security expert, introduced some ropes about 
Sino-US hacker war to the reporter on May 16, 2001. Wang is the director of 
security research center in Guangzhou JINHUAZHENG Inc. This company had 
provided network security service to the police department of Guangdong 
province and the police department of Guangzhou city.

Five characteristics of intrusion by US hackers:
Compared with past attacking incidents, this time has 5 characteristics. 1. 
Politics. Many insulting words and pictures against China were posted in the 
defaced homepages. 2. Defiance. Obviously the network war was arisen by US 
hacker group PoizonBox¡¯s widely assaults. 3.Target. The targets were the 
Chinese Sites: gov.cn, edu.cn, ac.cn. The goal was to destroy and disturb 
the normal order of Chinese network. 4. Destruction. The data of most 
intruded sites were deleted. It is different to the common hacker 
activities. 5. Organization. US hackers were well organized and had high 
professional technique.

Six major problems for Chinese sites being hacked:
1. Lack consciousness of network security. Usually the investment of network 
security occupies about 20% of total investment. The percentage in China is 
only 5%.
2. Lack whole safety plan. There was a prevail thought that server plus 
firewall could solute the security problem. In fact, many penetrations had 
used the hole of firewall to complete their attacks.
3. Network system itself is not safe. The network configuration, the 
privilege of user and directory were not well assigned.
4. Lack essential network security management mechanism.
5. Neglect the relativity of network security. The backdoors and holes of 
operation system were not patched timely. The passwords were not changed 
frequently. All these provided convenience to the hackers.
6. Lack talent of security. Besides military and police department, 
government and enterprise also need high level of network security 

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