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Chinese writer's son in jail for posting essays on Net.  The
government's attempt to control political views on the Internet has
taken a new twist with the detention of a man whose apparent trespass
was to help his father maintain a Web site featuring the father's
obscure, left-wing writings.  The father, Lu Jiaping, 60, a retired army
officer, is free and still living in Beijing, where he spends his days
writing essays from his own perspective.  He has accused the
authorities, for example, of indulging the United States after the
recent spy-plane collision, and he has questioned the 1989 massacre of
student demonstrators at Tiananmen Square, not because of the blow to
democracy but because, he said, it derailed a drive against an
``unstoppable black tide'' of corruption. 

NASA still has security gap NASA has improved its security processes
since a scathing General Accounting Office report found holes in some of
the space agency's mission-critical systems.  But NASA still needs to
improve the way it scans for potential vulnerabilities, a new audit by
the agency's inspector general says.  NASA has implemented nearly all of
the recommendations from a May 1999 GAO report, which revealed that
auditors were able to hack into several systems.  Those systems included
one responsible for calculating detailed positioning data for
Earth-orbiting spacecraft and another that processes and distributes
scientific data received from those spacecraft. 

Multiple flaws in Cisco router software exposed Cisco Systems has warned
that multiple vulnerability with the operating system used by its 600
series routers leave its vulnerable to a barrage of attacks.  Late last
night, Cisco issued an alert which admitted that 600 series routers was
subject to not one, not two, not three but four potentially serious
flaws.  It advised users to upgrade the software.  One flaw with Cisco
CBOS Software, which runs on 600 series routers, means that passwords
are stored in clear text in the memory of a router. 

U.S.'s Defenseless Department When the U.S.  government created the
National Infrastructure Protection Center in February 1998 to thwart
"cyber criminals," officials couldn't stop talking about how the feds
were finally fighting back against the hacker menace.  Former Attorney
General Janet Reno said at the time that the new agency would "pursue
criminals who attack or employ global networks" -- and that without the
NIPC, "the nation will be at peril." Three years later, it's the NIPC
that's in peril -- of being dubbed a poorly organized, ill-conceived
bureaucracy that more established agencies routinely ignore and that has
not lived up to the promises its proponents once made. 

18th Century warfare to fight Internet crackers The Software &
Information Industry Association (SIIA) calls for a fresh approach to
protect credit card details from Internet crackers.  According to the
SIIA, many businesses today implement an 'eggshell' security model: hard
on the outside and soft in the centre.  The problem is that there is
often little or nothing to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive
customer records - once they breach firewall defences.  A technology
working group of the SIIA's ebusiness division has come up with an
concept called the Electronic Citadel.  Sensitive data is encrypted so
that it can be validated at any time in the future but the original
information may only be recovered during a defined period of time.  This
is described as the final barrier to protect sensitive data when other
defences have been breached. 

Jawz Inc - Cyber Terrorism in the Classroom - JAWZ Inc., a leading
provider of secure information management solutions held its premier
eSecurity course on Cyber Terrorism.  The one-day advanced course aimed
at Intelligence officers and forensic examiners took students into the
virtual world of Internet, introduced them to on-line terrorist
organizations, targets, existing dangers, resources, tools and case
studies.  The course calendars for Cyber Terrorism, Computer Forensics,
Hacking Fundamentals and Basics of IT Security will expand due to demand
for these courses.  "Security attacks are on the rise.  We've seen these
attacks grow over the last 15 months - and most significantly, political
attacks, such as the U.S./China 'cyber war' website attacks demonstrate
the critical need for increased security and education," said Robert
Kubbernus, Chairman and CEO of JAWZ Inc.  "With more sophisticated
hackers, online hacker tools and "always on" connections, the Internet
has become the largest criminal playground."


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