[iwar] Hoax story on Indian cracker in Financial Express

From: Ravi V Prasad (r_v_p@yahoo.com)
Date: 2001-05-30 00:28:03

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Subject: [iwar] Hoax story on Indian cracker in Financial Express
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This article, front page of the Financial Express of
Sunday, 27 May 2001, seems to be a hoax. The reporter
seems to have been taken in and duped. I just don't
believe a single word of it. 

True Indian was the hoaxer who fraudulently claimed to have cracked 
into the website of the government of Pakistan which he claimed was 
www.pakgov.org. This was totally false. He had registered the domain 
www.pakgov.org and put up bogus material. The actual Pakistan 
government site is www.pak.gov.pk

There was a similar doubtful article carried on http://www.india.com 
which also appeared to be a hoax.

I plan to write to the editor of the Financial Express about it.

Ravi Visvesvaraya Prasad




Hurrah for the True Indian! 

THE TECHNO WHIZ has set up a forum against G-FORCE, agroup that 

defaces Indian sites

Bella Jaisinghani

For once, the True Indian scores. A Mumbai-based youthis giving anti-
Indian groups operating from Pakistan a dose of theirown medicine. 
Using the pseudonym of `True Indian', the 28-year-oldweb security 
consultant for several American companies has hijackedthe website of 
the terrorist organisation, Lashkar-e-Toiba, and isplanning attacks 
on other sites in the near future.
Introducing the hack with a bold `Mera Bharat Mahan',he proclaims 
that Lashkar-e-toiba.org was defaced because it boreinflammatory 
details about India and Kashmir.
Now, the organisation's home page offers links to theIndian Army 
website and to newspaper reports that document thedastardly deeds of 
the Lashkar. It also provides a sample of themalicious anti-India 
and anti-Hindu propaganda that the organisationconducts. True Indian 
says what he has uploaded is just the tip of theiceberg. "Most of 
the other material which I got from the site when Ihacked it is in 
Urdu," he explains.The techno whiz has set up a forum against G-
Force, a
Pakistani group of hackers that defaces Indian sites, and is actively
supported by the Pakistani government. He says he has made it 
hismission to 
counter them with whatever resources he can garner.
His previous feat of hijacking the Pakistangovernment's official 
website, Pakgov.org, won praise from patriotic Indiansall over the 
world. However, he faced scepticism from some quartersabout the 
authenticity of that hack. So True Indian has decidedhe will not 
entertain technical queries this time, for his"mission is to enthuse 
patriotism and not a technical debate".
But he does explain that he has used a method calledDNS hijacking to 
deface Lashkar-e-toiba.org. "A lot of people haveasked me for 
technical details. Recently, Wired News ran an articlesaying someone 
had hijacked a number of domains in the NetworkSolutions database 
using e-mail spoofing. At first, I thought this had tobe a joke. But 
after thinking about it, I realised that it is no jokeat all, and in 
fact, quite easy to do."It all began during a routine visit to the 
local cyber
cafe. "I walked in one afternoon in December 2000, and was toldthat 
had been hacked. I checked the site. It was then thatI decided to 
hack a Pakistani website in return. The motivationbehind it was to 
use my technical expertise for the sake of thecountry." And once he 
did so, he received overwhelming support from Indiansall over the 
world. "I received around one lakh e-mails, of which80 per cent 
expressed support and wished me good luck. So I wasmotivated 
further. It made me decide to hack more (Pakistani)sites, because I 
came to understand that many other Indian websites hadbeen defaced 
by Pakistani hackers," he informs us. Was he at allafraid of 
breaking the law, and more importantly, of incurringthe wrath of the 
Lashkar-e-Toiba? "Well, I am feeling guilty for beingon the wrong 
side of the law. But I was not worried about theLashkar. 
Incidentally, they have threatened that they willtrace me down 
within a month and kill me," he says calmly. 
It must be said here that the Indian government hasnot offered any 
security or support to True Indian. Nor has the CBIreacted. Making 
up for all that, however, is the phenomenal responsethat continues 
to pour in from Indians all over the world.
"The feedback mostly goes, `We are proud of you, keepit up, deface 
more sites'! People write, `Do not hesitate to ask forany kind of 
help, we are all there with you'," he says. As before,True Indian is 
enthused by the response and plans to deface twopro-Pakistani sites 
within the next three weeks. More power to him!
(True Indian can be e-mailed at: antigforce@y...) 


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