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Cyberspace evidence seizure upheld FBI downloaded data from suspects'
computers in Russia Upholding the rights of law enforcement to cross
national borders in pursuit of cyberspace criminals, a federal judge has
ruled that FBI agents did not act improperly when they tricked a pair of
suspected hackers out of passwords and account numbers and then
downloaded evidence from their computers in Russia.  U.S.  DISTRICT
JUDGE John C.  Coughenour of Seattle rejected several motions filed on
behalf of Vasily Gorshkov, 25, seeking to suppress the evidence obtained
from the computers.

Cyber-crime justifies world government The Council of Europe, enthused
by considerable American guidance and support, has issued a proposed
final draft for an international cybercrime treaty to harmonize statutes
related to electronic criminal activity, cross-border police
cooperation, and judicial policy throughout Europe and North America,
more or less along lines preferred by the United States.  Organized
gangsters, terrorists and sexually-exploited children loom large in the
document, as they always do when the natural rights of innocent adults
are to be sacrificed to law-enforcement expedience. 

FTC finds Amazon practices 'deceptive' but won't act Bookseller Amazon
and its Alexa Internet subsidiary probably deceived consumers when their
Internet software secretly passed on personal information to the
company, the Federal Trade Commission said.  But the FTC said it will
not take any action against the online bookseller because one of the
software programs in question -- the comparison shopping service
zBubbles -- is no longer operational and Alexa has changed its stated
privacy policy.

Echelon 'hampers virus detection' Anti-virus companies have attacked the
European Parliament's report on the Echelon spy network which recommends
greater use of encryption, warning that encrypted data can hamper virus
defence measures.  Sophos has issued a warning to users reminding them
that although encryption helps to ensure the privacy of an email, it
also has ramifications for virus scanning at the internet and gateway
level.  The company pointed out that the only surefire way of scanning
encrypted files was at the desktop, effectively compromising the initial
layers of security, such as anti-virus on the mail server. 


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