[iwar] more on DDoS

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1.    DoS ATTACKS: NO REMEDY IN SIGHT. Denial-of-service attacks are 
becoming more common and, in many cases, more serious, security experts said

in the wake of an attack on the Internet's main warning system for security 
threats. For Stefan Savage, a professor of computer science at the 
University of California, San Diego, and co-founder of security company Asta

Networks, and other security experts, the CERT attack and a similar series 
of May attacks of the main White House Web site, Whitehouse.gov, underscore 
the Net's lack of preparedness for handling what could become a catastrophe.

The largest problem with denial-of-service attacks is that, for the most 
part, they can't be traced. The attacks -- which can also take the form of 
specially formatted data that can crash servers -- are almost impossible to 
stop, unless the victim has enough clout to convince their Internet provider

to help track the source. (Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, 06/04/2001) 


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