[iwar] SSL Accelerators?

From: Tony Bartoletti (azb@llnl.gov)
Date: 2001-06-06 14:16:12

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From: Tony Bartoletti <azb@llnl.gov>
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Subject: [iwar] SSL Accelerators?
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This seem relevant to the packet-routing, DDoS issue.  The following link 
was recently brought to my attention:


It is a product called "SonicWall" intended for routers, that claims to 
speed up the efficient delivery of SSL packets, in a manner that makes me 
nervous and suspicious.  Perhaps I just don't understand what this is 
about.  A quote from the bottom of the page reads:

"...when a Web site encrypts information for security, such as credit card 
and account numbers, the routers can't tell what they are and direct them 
accordingly. This slows the flow of sensitive information. The SSL 
accelerators can remove the encryption of the packets so the routers can 
categorize them and then re-encrypt them so the routers can send them on 
their way securely."

Seems like a Big Hole to me.  I assume the routers in question would be 
under the control of the same party that hosts the web site, so perhaps 
that mitigates some concerns.  Still, I don't understand the rationale for 
the "can't ... direct them accordingly" part of it.

Just Thought I'd Share :)

Tony Bartoletti 925-422-3881 <azb@llnl.gov>
Information Operations, Warfare and Assurance Center
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA 94551-9900


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