[iwar] More on the mid-east Cyber war picking up...

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[defaced-commentary] Joint FBI/NW3C Internet Fraud Complaint Center defaced
From: McIntyre (mcintyre@forced.attrition.org)
Date: 2001-06-10 09:01:38 

Who are the defacers? Whomever defaced the IFCC Web site is not claiming to 
be with a group or even leaving a nickname. All that's stated is that the 
person is a 14-year old from Israel who is angry over the recent suicide 
bombing outside a Tel Aviv nightclub that killed 17 Israelis - most of them 
young teenagers.

The same defacer appears to have defaced government and commercial Web 
sites in several predominately Arab countries in the past week including 
servers in Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Lebanon 
and Oman. Each defacement links to one or more pro-Israeli, anti-Arab Web 
sites and many post pictures of several of the tens killed in the blast.

        Acer Middle East

        Azzahra University (Iran)

        Ferdowsi University Central Library

        MDS Lebanon

        Murree Christian School in Karachi, Pakistan


        Data Express Egypt "Own Site" Service

        National Bank of Oman

        Saudia Arabia Ministry of Higher Education

        Amirkabir University Of Technology in Iran

        Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

Commentary Archive: http://www.attrition.org/security/commentary/


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