Re: [iwar] Arab/Israeli "CyberWar" of our own making

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Date: 2001-06-10 19:40:02

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Subject: Re: [iwar] Arab/Israeli "CyberWar" of our own making
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Per the message sent by B.K. DeLong:

> At 06:54 PM 06/10/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> >I guess the cyber war is on again? Anyone want to pick things up and
> >provide a feed for reopenning the cyberwar site on this conflict?

> In all honesty, I don't think there ever WAS a cyberwar. If you count any 

> Has anyone ever sat down to define the term "cyberwar" ? To me, a cyberwar 
> is when countries with an unfriendly or hostile relationship begin 
> attacking one another's technological infrastructure - breaking into 
> classified networks and stealing secrets, finding open, unsecure dialups of 
> various computer-run systems from power to airport security and taking them 
> over/shutting them down, causing a massive crash or "denial of service" in 
> the country's primary networks or various other activities that have 
> wartime equivalents in the real world.

In the PLO vs. Israel conflict some of these things happenned.  For example:

> attacking one another's technological infrastructure

	The PLO did denial of service attacks against israeli military
	and governmental systems.

	They also stole credit card information and names and contact
	information for supporters of Israel and caused them grief. 

	They also used the Internet to lure, kidnap, and kill an Israeli

Israel also participated...

	They killed a PLO leader by blowing up their cell phone (before
	the latest round).

I want to agree with your assessment but it is not that clear cut.

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