Re: [iwar] Saudi Crown Prince warns of Middle East war

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Date: 2001-06-10 21:15:00

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hi Fred:
Just a few thoughts-
1-Abdullah is a nice guy albeit he believes his own
press.  He also wants the monarcy to stay in power. 
Not to make comment on the Isreli situation is bad
politics for him-he is thinking about future jobs,
perhaps King.

2- Der Spiegal is the german equavalent of the
national enquirer that is a bit more tidy and
respectable than NE.  Who will you believe.

3-In the end, what Mr. Sharon has done is bring his
nation to a state of near war.  He has always played
rough and this time it is worse. With the Palistians
on fire and Hamas and Hezbollah playing through--we
are already in a state of undeclaired low intensity
war.  With the monkey wrench of cyber threats in the
mix, who knows where things will go but given Saddam
is busting his ass to make another kid the heir
apparent, he may not be in good health. That entire
part of the world may blow up. 
take care,
beth r

Fred Cohen <> wrote:
> Here's an interesting item:
> 	Saudi Crown Prince warns of Middle East War
> 	Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah has warned of the
> prospect of a
> 	Middle East war, accusing Israel of raising Middle
> East
> 	bloodshed to "unacceptable" levels. 
> 	Abdullah told German magazine Der Spiegel that the
> region is
> 	"sitting on a powder keg" that could "explode at
> any time". 
> 	He added that such a war "would not only affect
> Israelis and
> 	Arabs but many parts of the world" but did not
> elaborate any
> 	further. 
> I guess the cyber war is on again? Anyone want to
> pick things up and
> provide a feed for reopenning the cyberwar site on
> this conflict?
> FC

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