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Infowar to shape DOD review 
By Bill Murray, Federal Computer Week, 6/18/2001
<a href="http://www.fcw.com/fcw/articles/2001/0611/web-qdr-06-15-01.asp">http://www.fcw.com/fcw/articles/2001/0611/web-qdr-06-15-01.asp>

Information warfare will play a major role in the forthcoming
Quadrennial Defense Review and in the militarys challenges looking into
the next 20 years, a senior Pentagon civilian said Thursday. 

The Pentagon will tell the military services to take information
operations and information warfare seriously in the review, which should
come out in draft form next month, the official said.  Information
operations and warfare dont quite &quot;have a home&quot; within
national security because they are rapidly emerging areas, he said. 

With that remark, he may have been referring to the Joint Task
Force-Computer Network Operations, which in the past two years has gone
from receiving its funding from the Defense Information Systems Agency
and its marching orders from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to
being part of U.S.  Space Command. 

To demonstrate how quickly technology moves compared with the Pentagons
seven-year budget cycle, the official said that the first hacking tools
appeared on Web sites in 1999 and within two years hackers had gone
through three major cycles of tool upgrades.  &quot;We go through a
major budget cycle in two years,&quot; he said. 

The Pentagon will use the Quadrennial Defense Review, a congressionally
mandated review done every four years, to help it shape its fiscal 2003
budget request, he said. 

&quot;We want a strategy-driven budget, rather than a budget-driven
strategy,&quot; he said, in a possible attempt to differentiate this
years attempt from the 1997 review. 

To guide the review, the official said that Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld also will use studies on morale, readiness and quality of life
that he has requested, as well as a classified study of the armed
services by Andrew Marshall, director of the Office of Net Assessment in
the Office of the Secretary of Defense. 

The key issue for the review is measuring risk, such as the &quot;risk
of losing people&quot; in warfare, the official said. 

Rumsfeld has attended 16 hours of meetings over a recent 13-day period
with senior civilian and military leaders to talk about the review, the
official said, and that included a half-day Saturday summit with
regional commanders in chief. 


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