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U.S. commission examines cyberterrorism

By Cara Garretson, IDG News Service, 09/19/01
<a href="http://www.nwfusion.com/news/2001/0917cyberterrorism.html">http://www.nwfusion.com/news/2001/0917cyberterrorism.html>

As the U.S.  government begins to formulate policy in response to the
terrorist attacks last week, it is faced with trying to heighten
national security and preparedness while preserving American citizens'
civil liberties.  Government officials will likely find that balance
particularly difficult to maintain when it comes to regulation and the
Internet.  This topic will be addressed in an upcoming report by a
government commission that examines terrorism. 

In light of last week's attacks, the National Advisory Panel to Assess
Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism plans to accelerate
reporting its findings to both the Congress and the Office of the
President, said its Chairman James Gilmore, a Republican who is governor
of Virginia.  During a press conference on Monday, Gilmore said that the
panel would meet on September 24 to finalize its recommendations and set
a closer delivery date for the report, originally scheduled for release
to the government in December. 

Those recommendations in part will arise from the panel's analysis of
the impact of cyberterrorism on the U.S., including related issues such
as how a disabled communications infrastructure would affect information
flow in a conventional attack, Gilmore said. 

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