Subject: IW Mailing List history/951126
From the moderator:

"The Mesh and the Net: Speculations on Armed Conflict in a
Time of Free Silicon," by Martin C. Libicki, March, 1994.
(233kb) - A paper on IW i son-line at:

1993 DISA Study: "Planning Considerations for Defensive Information
Warfare" is also on-line at under
	Browse -> Historical Info-Sec Papers and Books

If anyone else has good pointers to on-line information, please
let the list know.

From: Jonny Llama 
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 1995 22:03:52 -0500 (EST)

Explain IW? to me, its quite simply an attack or defense based on a
foundation of information.

Herr Llama
From Sun Nov 26 07:41:44 1995
From: (John S. Brofka)

  To me IW has two basic functions.  One is to protect commmunications and
information collection, analysis, and dissemination from interception,
disruption, and modification.  The other function is to do just that to the
other side's information resources, making their communications, collection,
analysis, and dissemination anything from unreliable to nonexistent.  IW is
practiced in both tactical and strategic applications of governments'
ability to wage and sustain warfighting capabilities but could also be used
by governments and business entities to procur economic advantages over
opposing sides.
From Sun Nov 26 21:29:34 1995
Subject: infowar example

Who carries Sky Pagers and other wide area alerting pagers?

Sounds like infowar testing to me.

Even if it wasn't done by a hostile interest, knowing someone can do it
from outside the system is half the information you need. 

So you say your pager didn't seem to be working around Sept.  26, 1995. 
That's not surprising considering someone transmitted a command, to all
of the "SpaceCom Systems" receiver stations across the U.S., to stop
receiving data.  That command shut down thousands of satellite receiving
stations across the country.  SpaceCom is a division of United Video and
Satellite Group and provides about 90% of the paging services in the
U.S.  Its still unknown who or how the command was sent. 

Charles M. Preston  Information Integrity
Moderator's note:

	Skypagers are used to alert team members for many incident
response capabilities in the US and elsewhere (police, military,
computers, electrical systems, etc.). 

	Also note that a few months ago, a part of the power grid was
shut down for a few hours as a result of an "accident".  Someone dialed
into a computer controlling a part of the grid and caused the loss of
power.  It was restored in about 2 hours. 

	Are these isolated incidents, or tests of offensive capabilities
as a prelude to IW-based military action?  Your opinions are solicited.