Subject: IW Mailing List iw/951208
Date: 7 Dec 1995 19:32:09 U
From: "Trolan, Steve" 
Subject: IW Simplified?

As I've followed the various comments regarding IW over the past week, I
have read of the many facets of the IW dilemma.  Although not posed to
oversimplify IW, I offer a brief shift from the previous complexities. 

This view is based on the one critical component of any military
operation (always has been, always will be): Lines of Communication. 

Lines of communication started with footpaths.  Then vehicles were
developed to move faster with bigger loads both on and off road.  Then,
to the skies.  Now, at the end of the 20th century we are stepping in to
the next dimension, if you will.  The cyberworld has become one more LOC
to exploit or be exploited by. 

Lets look at the exploitation of airspace as a basis for studying
cyberspace, this is not my forte but I feel it provides a good analogy. 
During the Civil War, hot air balloons were used to gather intelligence. 
Then came planes, they too were used to support military operations. 
They were not used as offensive instruments until WW1.  Then came
bigger, faster, even different (i.e.  introduction of rotary wing
aircraft).  All affecting the existing face of battle.  Changes in this
mechanical technology occurred over roughly a century culminating with
the stealth aircraft used so effectively over Iraq. 

In Cyberspace, we have watched the Internet growing exponentially in
usage.  Everyone is getting connected, friend and foe alike.  Like Sam
Colt's invention, this too is making everyone equal.  Unfortunately, it
is not in man's nature to be equal, it is his nature to dominate.  The
jockeying for dominance of this LOC is the essence of infowar.