Subject: IW Mailing List iw/951210
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 95 12:21:00 UTC 0000

  > (reprint of part of the "lines of communication" posting)  ...
  > Much of what is currently being discussed as "Information Warfare" is
  > just various forms of deception using a new medium.

If you want more elaboration, I had a book out earlier this year
("Victory and Deceit") that covers military deception from antiquity to
the future.  Lots of examples and such.  Hundreds of pages of what
you're looking for.
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 09:24:10 -0500 (EST)
From: Robert Steele 
Subject: Complex Constellations and Self-Healing

Charles Perrow, NORMAL ACCIDENTS: Dealing with High Risk Technologies

	Simple systems have single points of failure, easy to diagnose,
	and relatively easy to repair. 

	Complex systems have multiple points of failure, difficulty to
	diagnose (or predict), with unanticipated catastrophic
	implications, extremely difficult to repair. 

Kevin Kelly, OUT OF CONTROL: The Rise of Neo-Biological Civilization

	Co-evolution background, complexity of systems, only way to
	create sustainable complex systems is to introduce organic
	self-healing properties. 

Robert Steele, various IQ papers and testimony:

	The 21st century equivalent of the draft will be the imposition
	on the communications and computing industry of "due diligence"
	fiduciary responsibilitiese to develop and adhere to standards
	of security that make it safe to work and play in cyberspace. 
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 12:21:42 -0500 (EST)
From: Robert Steele 
Subject: Short Warning Issue

Extract to inquiry about short warning issue.

Most of the knowledge in this area has not been published and is not
within my scope.  One interesting thought for you that is not in the
papers I forwarded:


	 LONG (Time)  \  1
		       \ 1 
HERE (Home)--------------1--------------------THERE (Abroad)
			 1 \
			 1  \	  SHORT (Time)

	John Peterson of the Arlington Institute has made the point that
the Department of Defense is structured to make war somewhere out
"there", away from the home base, and that little has changed today. 
Now, however, we are faced with what some call the "hot peace" or the
violent peace, and find that some of our most important threats are here
at home (what the JCS J-6 calls "sanctuary lost"). 

	To this construct original to John, I have added the dimension
of time, and would note that in the past, threats have taken time to
develop and time to subdue, and the military as well as law enforcement
have had the luxury of time to develop, deploy, and employ their
capabilities.  The intelligence community was structured along these
lines also, to the point that we spent 40 years obsessing on the Soviet

	Now we find ourselves facing enemies that come in single person
units, wear no uniforms, emit no electronic signatures, and can in a
single day pick a target, acquire an electronic access path or
electronic weapon, do the deed, and vanish.  This has two implications:

	1) It means that the lack of time puts most of the intelligence
	community on the sidelines with respect to warning in this
	arena; and

	2) We need to develop an entirely new construct of civic
	intelligence in which short-warning threats are recognized and
	reported by citizens acting as VOLUNTARY sensors. 

	This also suggests that self-healing electronic systems and
CIVIL intelligence and defense become much more important in the 21st
century--yet the Department of Defense wants nothing to do with the
civil sector's defenses, and the rest of the U.S.  government does not
have the funding or doctrine or general capability to teach the civil
sector how to create a "home guard". 
Moderator's Note:
	Mr.  Steele brings up an interesting element of understanding IW
	- the dimensions of the IW space.  From his posting, we now have:

	IW:={Time, Location, Peace...War}

	A few other dimensions in common use include:
	 Intensity, Hard...Soft Kill, Conflict type, Offense...Defense,
	 Civilian...Military, Manual...Automatic

	Perhaps list members can add to this list of dimensions and give
	thought to help clarify the nature of these dimensions. 
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 95 11:59:58 -0500
From: (A. Padgett Peterson, P.E. Information Security)
Subject: RE: IW Mailing List iw/951209

> Moderator's note:
> 	It would be valuable to see specific examples of these things,...

Well the ConElRad (Control of Electromagnetic Radiation) system that
later became the Emergency Broadcast System stemmed from the British
habit of confusing German bombers using RDF (Radio Direction Finder)
techniques to find targets for high altitude raids during the Blitz in

What the Brits were doing was to switch station transmitters to
different locations by using landlines and the towers of other stations. 
For example if a transmitter known to be at a location west of Coventry
began transmitting from a tower east of Coventry, bombs tended to drop
in fields. 

Now how the Brits knew that Coventry was tonight's target is a whole
'nother story (Bletchly Park, hut 6, et al) as is the legend of the time
that Churchill knew of an attack but refused to release the information
rather than compromise the source (may be urban legend, may be fact,
wasn't there). 

It has been said that the US military has the capability to "modify" GPS
signals for the same purpose.