Subject: IW Mailing List iw/951224
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 95 17:30:21 EST
From: (Fred Cohen)
Subject: References to date

I thought it might be useful to list the major references used to date
in the IW list.  I would very much like to extend this bibliography, and
welcome additional listings from other list members. 

In the following listing, an * indicates that the reference material is
available on-line at - for all other material, I have provided
all the information I have on it.  [personal annotation in brackets]

Dean Baird, "Game Theory and the Law"

The Military Telegraph during the Civil War in the United States: with
an exposition..._ by William Rattle Plum, 1868; Dewey 973.7 P73M.  or
microfiche (MIC) LAC 22395

Jim (James F.) Dunnigan and Albert A.  Nofi, "Victory and Deceit - Dirty
Tricks at War", William Morrow and Co.  - 1995 [I'm still reading this
book, but so far it gives good coverage of the topic, it's very
readable, and includes a lot of examples.]

Alan Campen (ed) "The First Information War" - AFCEA Press, (1992) [This
books is one of the best colelctions of documented IW performed by the
joint and combined forces of the allies in the Gulf War.  It's very
informative at a detailed level.]

1994 DSB Summer Study: "Information Architecture for the Battlefield"
(October, 1994) [This study outlines the IW issues being faced by the
DoD and areas in which the DSB believes that further study is appropriate.]

* Sun Tzu - "The Art of War" - (online) [The historical military classic
book of strategy - always popular for warriors from all over the world.]

"Motivation and Personality" A.H.  Maslow N.Y., Harper and Bros, 1954
[A classic book about psychology - should be in almost anyone's library.]

Greg Bateson, "Steps Toward An Ecology of Mind" (1973 NY: Ballentine)

Fred Cohen, "Protection and Security on the Information Superhighway",
Wiley and Sons (1995). [A good review was done in the C4I mailing list
earlier this year.]

* Fred Cohen, "Information Warfare Considerations" [This is a long-range
philospohical paper on some of the issues that are likely to remain in
IW for a long time to come.]

Thesis: "National Security in the Information Age" (May 1995) Matthew G. 
Devost [Just finished this one.  It has a lot of good references and
quotes and is well worth reading.]

Winn Schwartau "Information Warfare" Thunder's Mouth Press, NY, (1994)

"War and Anti-War - Survival at the Dawn of the 21st Century" Little,
Brown, and Company, 1993 Alvin and Heidi Toffler [A very worthwhile book
written by people that really know how to research.  It has a lot of
good facts and many interesting and unique perspectives.]

* "The Mesh and the Net: Speculations on Armed Conflict in a Time of
Free Silicon," by Martin C.  Libicki, March, 1994.  [An interesting view
on IW from someone who has been considering the issues for a substantial
length of time.  Heavy on opinion, but that's one of the things that makes
it really worthwhile.]

* 1993 DISA Study: "Planning Considerations for Defensive Information
Warfare" [A seminal study done for DISA a few years ago - much of the
content is now US military doctrine.]

"The Very Best Men: Four Who Dared: The Early Years of the CIA", by Evan

"French Inventions of the Eighteenth Century" by Shelby T.  McCloy,
Kernel Press, 1952.  # T26.F8.M2 1952

"The Military Telegraph during the Civil War in the United States: with
an exposition...." by William Rattle Plum, 1882; Dewey 973.7 P73M.  or
microfiche (MIC) LAC 22395
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 1995 09:05:39 -0800
From: Bruce Sterling 
Subject: Re:  IW Mailing List iw/951222

I would like to take this opportunity to formally deny this reckless
allegation by Strano Network that I "took part" in their strike against
French network servers.  I did join the Strano Network NetStrike mailing
list, because I believe their activities bear watching.  I have spread
their information widely, because I believe people should know what
Strano Network are doing.  However, I did not, and will not, take part
in an effort to deny service to Internet users, in France or elsewhere. 
At no time did Strano Network seek my permission to use my name in
support of their activities. 
The latest Strano mainfesto follows.  As usual, I wouldn't vouch for
the accuracy of anything in it:
The first international Internet's strike has been developed in a good

It is not possible to know how many Internet's users were on-line but as
there were many www french government servers listed in our strike's msg
we think several thousands of Internet users have partecipated to the

Strike effects were the above reported:
	- 5.45 p.m. Quick access to fr servers;
	- 6.00 p.m. first difficulties to access to fr servers;
	- 6.15 p.m. it is not possible to access to the Health and to the
		Educational Ministers' www servers;
	- 6.30 p.m. Also the servers of the Nuclear Agency, of the French Government
		and of the Indusrial Ministry decline the access;
	- 6.45 p.m. The access to the servers of the National Education and of the
		Health Ministers is denied while the link with
		other fr servers meets several difficulties;
	- 7.00 p.m. Only the link with the servers of the Educational and Health
		servers is denied while the functioning of the
		other servers is on standard level.

Apart from the "on-line" partecipation we have recorded the arrive of
several msg of approval to the demonstration from all over the world. 
The comrades of the French ECN have translated our msg and spread all
over France while several well known fellows such as Bruce Sterling has
joint the strike. 

The Italian press has shown attention to this kind of strike by
publishing several articles (La Nazione, Unita', Repubblica while the
left-wing newspaper Manifesto has not published any note on this

The strike has been "transmitted" by several Italian "radio" such as
Controradio and Radio Popolare and other kinds of local and national
information networks has spread news about the strike.  Our protest msg
developed on 14.12.95 has been spread all over the world after few days

	- the interest of many people to counteract the French current policy on
		nuclear and social items;
	- the willing to be involved in a NET'STRIKE;
	- the existence of a world-wide movement able to counteract world-wide
	- the capacity to develop a such kind of movement in a short time.
		Finally we outline that:
	- several users have not set browser preferences in such a way to really
		link with the server each time (cache memory
		at 0) and not with itsown PC;
	- it could be possible (for the next time) to build up software oriented to
		the specific goal to make an "electroni
		demonstration" at the internal of a www server.

As a result of this first net'strike's test we are sure that a strike
organized at the internal of internet (with more days to organize the
strike, specific software, specific instructions) can be a powerful
media to counteract international injustice. 

We are happy to see how the inter-activity offered by Internet has
offered the opportunity to many people to stand-up on the electronic
frontier not for business or for show goals but for social global
Moderator's Note:
	Pretty minimal impact - approximately as predicted in this forum.
	We will probably hear more from these people.  Discussion on the
	relationship of this to IW is welcomed.