Subject: IW Mailing List iw/951225
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 1995 19:02:53 -0500 (EST)
From: Robert Steele 
Subject: Cyber-Strike and Real Death

	I would just like to note that while I am one of those warning
of the possibilities of "Net Strikes", and especially of anonymous net
attacks, I am also one of those who believe that the intelligence
services must develop capabilities to quickly identify and stop such

	While the law may be unclear in some areas, "reason" can always
overrule the law, and I for one would suggest that the French government
would be well within its rights as a sovereign state to seek out and
execute anyone foolish enough to wage piracy, information terrorism, or
quasi-war against French infrastructure and French electronic property. 

	There are confusing and dangerous times.  I suspect that
children playing with Net matches are very likely to be seriously burned
while they test their new-found powers of destruction. 
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 1995 08:35:00 -0500 (EST)
From: Fred Cohen 
Subject: WarGame initial scenario

The following scenario is being distributed as a starting point for the
upcoming wargame.  The game will begin on Jan 2 (as all players have
been previously informed).  In the meanwhile, list members may wish to
consider the scenario (without comment please) over the next week.

As the game progresses, we will be providing daily reports from all
sides as well as updated scenarios.  At that time, follow-up comments
will be welcomed. 

WarGame 96-01

Scene 1

	The date: Jan 2, 2021 - 25 years from now.  IT has progressed
significantly in that time, but the ability of people to get along has
not progressed so well.  The Arab states are now just about out of oil,
and much of the world is suffering under a virtual shutdown of oil
supplies.  Other energy sources have not made a lot of progress,
conservation has failed to achieve the gains required to compensate for
the lack of oil, and it is a cold winter for much of the world's

	In the United States, the decision was taken to use rolling
blackouts as part of the overall energy conservation effort, but the
computer junkies and technical wizards of the country decided that the
government is wrong.  They secretly decided to take over the
infrastructure and reallocate energy as they see fit.  Calling
themselves the I-force, one of their decisions was to stop supplying
electrical power and telecommunications support to large government
facilities (including the central area of Washington, D.C.) and to
provide service to areas that support the information infrastructure.

	The government (G) forces initially thought that they had all of
the I-force members nailed down because of the long-term use of key
escrow, but to their surprise, they found that the I-force members were
not who they thought they were.  In fact, they have now discovered that
before escrow became the law in 2001, the I-force found a way to use
strong cryptography so that the escrow keys produced well-known fairy
tales rather then the actual content of messages.  Meanwhile, the key
escrow system was weak enough that I-force members have been able to
decode select messages for several years, and due to a firewall failure
on a prime-numbered year, month, day combination, recently broke into
the key escrow center and secured copies of the master keys as well as
all of the current escrowed keys. 

	G-force thought that they could physically take over the power
grid by taking over select switching stations, but to their dismay, they
found that they didn't have enough resources or support among the
civilian workers to have a substantial effect.  Through sophistocated
simulation techniques and by exploiting their control of the NII, the
I-force has managed to simulate well-known personalities to the point
where the vast majority of the people now believe that the G-forces
represent a military coup attempt, and that the I-force has the support
of most of the civilian government.  As this public support swayed
toward the I-force, many of the politicians (who were unable to
differentiate truth from fiction and who now travel to Washington only
rarely and do most of their business from home) began to take up the
I-force point of view.  It is now unclear who is in control and what
portion of the government supports them.

	In desperation, and rapidly running out of backup power, the
G-forces decided to concentrate their efforts to taking back a few key
sites.  They have now secured enough of the power generation and
infrastructure in the Washington D.C., San Diego, CA, and Denver, CO
areas to assure power to those areas, but it is taking all of their
effort to stave off the ongoing attempts at subversion and they can do
little else.

===========Orders from you commander are forthcoming.==========