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[Extracted from: NMIA In Cyberia
By General Ronald R. Fogleman, Chief of Staff, USAF]

There are two closely coupled areas where I do see tremendous potential
for breakthrough: the ability to exploit and exchange information, and
the ability to detect, fix and target objectives on a battlefield. 
Because fundamentally, it will be information and the capability to move
it around that will change the internal characteristics of ships,
aircraft, battle tanks and armored personnel carriers we operate on and
over the battlefield.  It's upon this foundation that the services, and
the Air Force in particular, approach this emerging area of information

I think that a useful place to start is to define what I mean by
information warfare, particularly since I think there is a risk in
perceiving all warfare in the information age as "information
warfare.o/oo In my view, I can tell you that's not the case.  I would
like to offer a definition that focuses on the military fundamentals of
information warfare, or what I've called the fifth dimension of warfare. 

There are three key parts to this definition.

	- First, information warfare (IW) includes those actions we take
	to gain and to exploit information on the enemy.

	- Second, IW includes what we do to deny, to corrupt or to destroy
	our adversary's information data bases.

	- Third, how we protect our systems must also be included as part
	of IW.

No matter how you define information warfare, we must think of it in
terms of how it enhances joint warfighting.  If it doesn't do so, then
I'm not much interested in it, and neither are the other service chiefs. 
I believe that this is an important point. 

The Air Force has put considerable effort into developing our concepts. 
In fact, over the past four months, we've had a team travel to every
commander-in-chief (CINC) of a U.S.  unified command, and brief them on
our efforts to incorporate IW into our doctrine and to integrate these
concepts into our force employment.  Most importantly, we want to be
sure that what we are doing and how we approach the subject as an
institution will be consistent with the way the CINCs intend to fight. 
And we want to make sure that what we are doing will meet their needs. 

As a practitioner of the profession of arms, I view information
technology advances with a single-minded interest.  I am motivated by
the fact that throughout history, soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen
have learned one extremely valuable lesson relative to engagement with
an opposing force.  That is, if you can analyze, act and assess faster
than your opponent -- you will win. 

What this means is our joint forces may enjoy what some are calling
"dominant battlefield awareness.o/oo We have some of this kind of
capability today.  We've made significant enhancements to our ability to
leverage our forces with faster command and control, and intelligence
networks.  Among other capabilities, these networks are dramatically
reducing the time required to detect and destroy a target. 

Today and in the future, information warfare is, in fact, going to be
this nation's bodyguard.  It is essential for the success of our joint
forces.  To succeed, we're going to need help from a lot of people
including all the very interested people in this room.  You understand
the far-reaching implications of systems like LANDSAT or SATCOM which
are readily available and widely employed at relatively low cost.  You
appreciate the potential for information technology to allow an
adversary to build small, capable, autonomous operating systems that can
threaten U.S.  forces on land, sea or in the air.  Such devices might
operate relatively unseen and unobserved until they unleash their
destructive power. 
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