Subject: IW Mailing List iw/960117
From: (Peter da Silva)
Subject: Re: IW Mailing List iw/960116
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 09:09:06 -0600 (CST)

> Take the hypothetical case of Big Oil which has spent hundreds of
> millions of dollars mapping oil deposits under the sea floor and has
> plans for long term off-shore drilling.  If an Information Warrior
> penetrated their systems and added fake oil resources to those already
> mapped in their expert systems, the result could be disastrous
> investments in wells where the oil was non-existent. 

Basically, the cost of "salting" a mineral survey is a lot lower... but
this has been fairly common since the idea of mineral rights was invented.

> Further, any company that does not believe
> itself to be a target (because the cost of attack is so low) is just
> plain stupid. 

Exactly. At some point a quantitative difference becomes a qualitative one.
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 96 13:20:39 MST
Subject: Conference Notice  <--READ THIS!

***  Conference Notice  ****

A conference entitiled, "National Security in the Information Age", ... 
is being sponsored by The Olin Foundation, the USAF Academy Departments
of Political Science, Economics and Geography, Computer Science, and
Management.  February 28 - March 1, 1996. 

For more information: email
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 96 18:20:39 EST
Subject: Move 2 has now begun

Move 2 of the IW game is now underway.  Here's the scenario:

WarGame 96-01 - Scene 2

	The date: Jan 17, 2021 - 25 years from now.  The situation has
gotten far more dire.  Seeing the apparent weakness of the United States
and desperate for access to oil reserves and world dominance, an as yet
unidentified coalition of hostile forces have been detected massing
troops and otherwise preparing for an attack of the United States on 5

	1 - Hawaii is being surrounded by a large naval force and
	the US naval forces in Hawaii believe they may soon come under
	attack from the air, from submarines, and from surface ships.
	The force appears to consist of vessels from the European Union
	and Japan.

	2 - Forces have been detected entering Alaska from over the
	North pole. Information is still sketchy because of the
	disrupted communications caused by the battle between G-force
	and I-force.  These forces have not been identified, but it is
	believed they are acting with the support of the current Russian

	3 - Ground forces with minimal tank support have been detected
	massing just south of the Mexican boarder.  The tanks appear to be

	4 - Using Cuba as a way point, Chinese forces appear to be
	preparing to airdrop into Texas and Florida.  This report comes
	from overflights and supports recent satellite information.

	5 - Inside the Continental US small terrorist cells have become
	very active.  Local news reports indicate that attempted bombings
	have been stopped in several financial centers by local FBI
	offices, and according to several FBI informants, this is part of
	the new Jehad called for by Sheik Mohamad Luchani - now a leader
	of the recently formed coallition of Arab States.

The American public, already confused about the internal political
situation, is now being bombarded by the media and in private electronic
communications with disparaging rumors about the downfall of the United
States, about people being killed in battles seemingly all over the
country, about terrorist attacks on every major city, and about the coup
attempt.  Much of this rumor appears to be unfounded, but the media is
competing heavily for advertising dollars, and is having a field day.

Neither side trusts the other.  News reports claim that unidentified FBI
informants are now telling G-force commanders that I-force is actually
run by a joint foreign operation consisting of Chinese, Eastern
European, and Pacific Rim countries.  Other media reports claim that
several CIA agents have defected to the I-force and are now helping
I-force to defeat G-force.  Nobody really knows the whole story.

Neither the I-force nor the G-force anticipated a coordinated threat,
and the level of distrust is such that both sides now doubt almost all
of the information they get.  Nonetheless, the sides have decided to
temporarily work together on this limited issue.  To facilitate this, a
coalition decision group has been formed to take independent
recommendations from each side and make their own determination of how
to act.  These group members than return to their own organizations to
pursue action. 

Because of your outstanding efforts in the last weeks, your teams have
been chosen to act as the two advisory groups that feed the coalition
group proposals on how to act.  Once team-leaders have been set for each
team, the leaders will be provided with the ability to use diplomatic
communications that go to all members of both teams so as to facilitate
cooperation toward a workable and mutually acceptable set of

Your specific orders will arrive shortly.