Subject: IW Mailing List iw/960203
From: (Fred Cohen)
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 20:58:03 -0500 (EST)

Viewpoints on IW expressed in the IW mailing list:
	The "control" leg of the C3 stool
	actions which inhibit the ability of an adversary to
		repond/react/retaliate to the actions of another
		relating to electronic warfare. 
	Corporate / Governement espionage.
	False information, stolen information, spoofed information etc.  
	Information-based defence planning;
	Information-based gaining competetive advantage;
	Information-based gaining economic advantage;
	Information-based gaining political advantage;
	Information-based undermining trust in religious authority;
	Information-based undermining trust in government authority.
	The use of information as a weapon.
	a tool for propaganda.
	an attack or defense based on a foundation of information.
	organized attacks by people with definite financial or political objectives.
	electronic conflict in which information is a strategic asset
	Information-based violent and non-violent warfare/conflict
	Deliberate attempts to break stuff and kill people to further a cause.
	Achieving information superiority by affecting adversary information
	an integrating strategy
	Warfare using intellectual capital. 
	Control of information.
	collection of strategies, tactics and operations
	controlling and securing information that can be used against others
	the day-to-day struggle to stay one step ahead of the hackers
	one of the three pillars of future warfare
	the ability to make decisions and create actions at all levels of warfare
	achieving an information advantage in the application of force.
	Use of information as a weapon to wage war
	New "targets" and "weapons" in war
	manipulate knowledge or perception
	War relating to lines of communication

	EMP bombs
	new communication technology
	electronic intercept.
	false/misleading data
	computer code
	information and information systems
	man-in-the-middle attacks. 

	C4I, EW, PSYOPS, Space warfare, deception, security
	covert activities
	intelligence activities
	state-sponsored terrorism
	industrial espionage
	deception (including social engineering, masquerade, spoofing)
	hacking and phreaking
	cracking systems
	researching public information
	trash diving
	intelligence activities

	Denial, Corruption, Disclosure
	confuse the enemy
	give the enemy an incorrect picture of the battlefield
	manipulate the enemy into making a desired decision
	cause the enemy to implement non-optimum tactics or strategy
	confuse or disable the opponent
	subtle breaking/entering/copying/trojanizing/etc
	protect IT from interception, disruption, and modification.
	{corrupt, disrupt, leak} enemy {information, IT}
	procur economic advantages over opposing sides.
	compromise Info Systems
	tactical/strategical advantage over your enemy/competition.
	manipulate the decision making process of the an opponent.
	to bring about a "political" change
	improve mission effectiveness
	bring operational and support elements closer together
	gaining strategic, competitive or personal superiority over one's adversary. 
	impacts on the collection and application of information in combat.
	to gather and process information that could be used to better secure our position in world affairs. 
	gaining dominance on current or anticipated opponents
	physical, economic, political, social, racial, religious etc. 
	war on society, governments, industries, or corporations. 
	affecting the balance of power
	Optimizing use of info, info systems, and info processes.
	Control of information
	obtaining an advantage in the quest for information
	physical, psycological, economic impact

	"enemy" information systems
	C3I systems
	the C4 loop of an enemy or potential enemy.
	commmunications and information collection, analysis, and dissemination
	Computers and other communications and information systems
	Data and systems to analyze data.
	information based processes
	information systems
	tactical information

New Features of information and IT:
	We have become highly dependent
	a strategic asset to be attacked or protected.

information dominancy, dominating maneuver, and precision strike

Levels of Warfare: (strategic, operational, tactical)

IW is simply a way to apply the evolving doctrine of warfare (primarily
maneuver and unconventional/low intensity theory) to an
information-based economy.

IW is using information to one's advantage while denying it to the
adversary, and protecting our own systems.
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 18:32:01 -0500 (EST)
From: Robert Steele 
Subject: Fun with Hackers...
[Moderator's Note: extracted from "Media Global Domination Update"]
     Founded in 1985, the Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) is the
oldest group still active in the computer underground; the only group
(aside from a few layme p1RaT3 gR0oPzZz) with a female group member;
the only group to host its own annual HoHoCon hacker convention;
and, with over 300 text files in circulation, the most prolific group.
cDc is definitely cooler than the Legion of Doom (LoD), and more
importantly, our T-shirts are more colorful.  We also have stickers.
     On their behalf, we intend to dominate and subvert the media wherever
possible.  Information is a virus.  And we intend to infect all of you.
          There is NO vaccine.        There is NO escape.
          There is NO hope.           There is ONLY cDc.

What follows is the abridged update on our progress to taint your global
information outlets.  Future progress reports can be found at

[Moderator's Note: a hundred or so examples of articles, Web pages, etc.
pointing to the group follow.]