Subject: IW Mailing List iw/960303
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 1996 19:54:18 -0600
From: Walt Auch 

>From: (Joel M Snyder, writing fool)
>Subject: High mail volumes at
>Finally, if any users on your site have any delusions about the effect
>of a mail bomb or storm of mail, let me help you dispel them: (1) no one
>important enough to make a difference will be affected or know or care;
>(2) if the messages are nasty or threatening enough, someone equally
>nasty may come and visit; (3) what you'll succeed most in doing is
>ruining the weekends and/or days of underpaid civil servants as well as
>wasting federal tax dollars. 

I wonder why he took the time to write such a long posting about how it
"doesn't work?"  I guess he just doesn't want anyone wasting their time.
How kind.
Subject: Mitnick or Marcos?
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 96 21:18:11 PST
From: David Ronfeldt 

In my view, "Kevin Mitnick is far less a netwarrior than the Zapatistas'
Subcomandante Marcos." How about some discussion of this kind of
assertion about information warfare?

Mitnick--or pick someone else who fits this profile--has significant
technical expertise as a hacker, operated primarily as a loner without a
following, and has had no particular social or political agenda.  He has
affected technical systems and the live of individuals, but he's no
agent of societal change except as a thread in the weavings of some wild

Marcos has little expertise (other folks presumably upload his writings
to the Internet, where they spread rapidly).  But he is a major leader
of the Zapatista movement in Mexico, has a large following, including
among social activists in various countries, and has proven himself
adept at "neo-cortical" and "epistemological" warfare (to use Dick
Szafranski's terms about the essences of information warfare).