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Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 22:45:01 -0500 (EST)
From: Robert Steele 
Subject: press release (fwd)

	SECRET SERVICE is "DEAD WRONG" on this one.  Stand by for
Congressional and IG investigations.  It is time we got COMPETENT in

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Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 08:05:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Emmanuel Goldstein 
To: Robert Steele 
Subject: press release

Contact: Bob Hardy - (516) 751-2600


2600 Magazine, a publication put out by computer hackers since 1984, has
released information on the United States Secret Service in response to
that organization's continued prosecution of one of its writers.  The
information is accessible over the Internet through the World Wide Web. 

"For the past year, the Secret Service has been engaged in a ruthless
attack on Ed Cummings (known in the hacker world as Bernie S.), one of
our most technically adept and knowledgeable writers," says 2600
Publisher Emmanuel Goldstein.  "They have succeeded in imprisoning him
with some of the nation's most ruthless criminals for the mere
possession of hardware, software, and reading material."

Cummings has never been accused of committing illegal acts with these
items.  Rather, the Secret Service has prosecuted him for having items
which "could be used" for illegal activity.  It has been proven on
numerous occasions that there are many legitimate purposes for such
items and that possession of controversial reading material is by no
means an indication of criminal activity.  Nevertheless, the Secret
Service has managed to keep Cummings locked away with no bail for nearly
a year as if he were a mastermind of terrorism. 

2600 Magazine is making available to the public the same documents that
the Secret Service claims as proof that Ed Cummings is a danger to
society.  This information includes the whereabouts of Secret Service
offices, their phone numbers, the radio frequencies used by the agency,
as well as photographs and codenames used for everything from the
President of the United States to buildings, agencies, and objects. 

"We find it ironic that all of this information will now be accessible
to millions of people around the world," Goldstein says, "all because
the Secret Service thought one person having it was a threat."

The information, though never before as widely accessible as this, has
always been easy for anyone to obtain.  There are no laws against its
possession.  However, the adamance of the Secret Service's contentions
were enough to taint the credibility of Ed Cummings in the eyes of the

In addition to information about the Secret Service themselves, the site
contains full documentation on other cases that have involved
mistreatment by the Secret Service, including one in which the victim
won a lawsuit.  Information on other cases can be submitted to the site
by emailing 

Says Goldstein, "We don't consider the launching of this site to be an
act of retribution.  Rather, it is an affirmation of our freedom and a
demonstration of our willingness to protect it."

The World Wide Web site can be reached at:
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 96 21:42 EST
From: Michael Wilson <>
Subject: New book

For those of you who wish to maintain notably complete libraries of IW
related material, you might wish to know that Cleary has released a book
titled _The Lost Art of War_ wherein he relates work of Sun Tzu II. 
Frankly, I still prefer the combination of Sun Tzu and Musashi for
operational thoughts, but others might enjoy the more detailed advice
for operational concerns that this new book provides.  The publisher is
Harper Collins, and I must say that it is attractive enough a book to
make a fine gift, warrior to warrior. 
Subject: Compromised remailers
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 96 10:12:16 PST
From: David Ronfeldt 

I don't know how accurate this acocunt of the conference discussion is, but
it crossed my screen andd looks interesting for this list.

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Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 17:25:40 -0800
From: Free Speech 
Subject: CIA & NSA run remailers (fwd)

I attended last weeks "Information, National Policies, and International
Infrastructure" Symposium at Harvard Law School, organized by the Global
Information Infrastructure Commission, the Kennedy School and the
Institute for Information Technology Law & Policy of Harvard Law School. 

During the presentation by Paul Strassmann, National Defense University
and William Marlow, Science Applications International Corporation,
entitled "Anonymous Remailers as Risk-Free International Infoterrorists"
the questions was raised from audience (Professor Chaarles Nesson,
Harvard LAw School) - in a rather extended debate - whether the CIA and
similar government agencies are involved in running anonymous remailers
as this would be a perfect target to scan possibly illegal messages. 

Both presenters explicitly acknowledged that a number of anonymous
remnailers in the US are run by government agencies scanning traffic. 
Marlow said that the government runs at least a dozen remailers and that
the most popular remailers in France and Germany are run by the
respective government agencies in these countries.  In addition they
mentioned that the NSA has successfully developed systems to break
encrypted messages below 1000 bit of key length and strongly suggested
to use at least 1024 bit keys.  They said that they semselves use 1024
bit keys. 

I ask Marlos afterwards if these comments were off or on record, he
paused then said that he can be quoted.