The 50 Ways Series

50 Ways to respond to "Computer Repair..."

It was a long time ago that I first wrote about deceptions used to gain access to systems and networks. "Computer repair ..." is the fist step in this scam, followed by any number of variations.

I had the pleasure of receiving a "Computer Repair" call earlier this week, and it brought me back. It was likely just someone who had read my book from the early 1990s and wanted to play, but I responded with one of the harsher approaches below and haven't been called back. So I figure, for fun or for real, it's time to give you the 50 ways update on how to respond to "Computer Repair ..." and other similar scams.

Unless otherwise stated, after you say the line, hang up the phone.

Any of these or many other respoinses are just fine. As long as you don't give them any real information.