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BTW have you noticed that Yahoo's page of CIA links consists entirely of government websites, mostly the CIA's (with the exception of one, which claims not to be company — ha! ha!). Curious. Well, here you'll find lots of links, most of which Yahoo seems to believe its users should not know about.

For years we have tried to stop the abuses and usurpations by all legal means: elections, demonstrations, legislation, and litigation. 10 years ago, 355 people were arrested blocking CIA headquarters in Langley (NYT 4/28/87). The CIA criminals and their protectors are immune and all powerful. They are part of the largest industry in the world: drugs, which has a stranglehold on the economy, on civil society and on the body politic. Now is the time for people of conscience to commit their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to free humanity from the greatest form of slavery ever devised in the history of mankind.
— Dick Ochs

The "Dark Alliance" Series

CIA Unveils New Ghetto Drugs for '98

More on the CIA and Drugs

The CIA, MKULTRA and Timothy Leary

Project Monarch


CIABASE is database compiled by former CIA analyst Ralph McGehee.

... a computer data base on the Central Intelligence Agency that provides a vital, easy-to-use historical resource for policy makers, academicians, journalists, and students.

This site also has reports by Ralph McGehee:

In the first we read:

... the CIA is a policy-implementing agency not (primarily) an intelligence agency -- the CIA gathers desired data from selected agents to reinforce predetermined conclusions. In most situations it avoids overt information like the plague because such information frequently disproves the conclusions it wants you and I and itself to believe.

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