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CIA mind control research program

This is not an official home page of MK-ULTRA, and their permission has not been sought. The links below are intended only as starting points for inquiry, and may lead to both complimentary and dissenting information about this project, none of which has been verified by the webmaster.   More info

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Location: USA
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Conspiracy Topic: Mind Control·(1)

Affiliation: Ewen Cameron·(Mentioned·in·connection), CIA·(2)

Footnotes for Above: (1) CIA mind control research program.  (2) CIA mind control program. 

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 Reader Comments Regarding "MK-ULTRA" - Latest First
guinea pig

i was a guinea pig at edgewood arsenal in 1965 and am having a real hard time getting proper medical attention. looking for others who may have been there.

-- d dufrane ( ) 10/26/99 (#2)
We are Looking for survivors (HLMR) DOD project

I was recruited by the DOD/CIA off the street in 1972.I was signed up for COMBAT DEVELOPMENT EXPERIMENTATION COMMAND,TASK FORCE SUPPORT BATTALLION,COMBAT ENGINEERS.I completed training in the Special Leadership Preparation Project,then trained at Ft. Polk, and Ft.Benning. I was exposed to chemicals and altered hypnoticaly.If you know what HLMR,CDEC, or operation tripwire means,write me.

-- milford grindstaff ( ) 10/5/99 (#1)

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