MKULTRA - Recent Developments

US CIA's mind-control experiments
Q. Is it true that one of the goals of mind-control technology is to create a "programmed assassin"?

This is more of a secondary goal. Most cases where a subject becomes violent can be traced to minor experimental glitches. Frequently, it is never intended that the subject would become violent, only that they will "disassociate" themself with others. Subjects that become violent usually have a specific genetic marker that makes their susceptibility to EMP and mind control technologies extremely high.

In the early days of the project, we found that some of the subjects would develop wild delusions and hallucinations when exposed to the technologies. This was researched and a gene in which it could be predicted as to a subject's vulnerability was identified in late 1974. This gene in combination with the technologies could cause complete madness and it became necessary to identify this gene (or absence thereof) in the potential subject. In late 1990 a specific EMP frequency was discovered in which gene could be deactivated or at least its tendency to create madness.

Q. Is it true that previously normal citizens who become mentally-ill murderers are invariably targets of mind-control technology?

Most of the people so affected are those with a.) a specific gene in which the subject is particularly affected by the pulse and b.) a predisposition to mental illness.

Since the early 1960's, the agency has kept detailed records of all people receiving specific neuroleptic medications in the USA. This has proved particularly fruitful in our project as certain neuroleptic medications can either block the mind control technologies or the tendency to exacerbate the symptoms of the underlying illness. Certain attempts at re-formulation of the neuroleptics has been attempted but only with marginal success.

Q. Is the development of a reliable programmable assassin the principal aim of MKULTRA?

Actually the focus has been more on identification of those individuals with the "BETA AJ521" gene. MKULTRA has not utilized the technology on those subjects with predisposition towards mental illness since early failures with the technology. We continue to search for answers to the riddle of why certain genotypes (which have been identified) have less predictable responses to the technologies.

Recently the development of a smaller agent (probe) in which the subject's genetic pattern and susceptibility can be studied without any awareness of it's presence. It enters the body through normal respiration and once the study is complete, the probe shuts off and reconstitutes as a inert waste product which is eliminated from the body through normal bowel movements. The data is real-time, so the probe has no need to actually record anything, only to send its data to the controller. The probe is roughly the size of a grain of sand but is much lighter due to it's gravity countering properties.

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