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Dossier: Paranormal Government

Parapsychology in Intelligence
The declassified account of a CIA officer who researched "remote viewing" and witnessed its use in top secret intelligence operations.

Operation Star Gate
A special report on U.S. intelligence experiments with remote viewing and "psychic spies." Review the documents yourself.

Subliminal CIA
When spy scientists peered into the power of hidden persuasion, what did they see? Documentation from the dawn of the mind wars unveils the secret story of the agency's investigation of subliminals.

CIA's UFO Secret
The CIA covered up UFOs, a declassified report admits, but they were government UFOs. Was the U-2 spy plane the CIA's real UFO secret? (4/28/99)

The UFO Cold War
The government deliberately lied to the public about UFOs, according to a new CIA-published report. Get the behind-the-scenes scoop in this ParaScope exclusive.

The CIA and UFOs: The Robertson Panel Report
Following the great Washington D.C. flap of 1952, the CIA commissioned the Robertson Panel to assess the national security implications of UFOs. The Panel's final report produced some startling conclusions and recommendations.

The "Crash Test Dummies" Report
Were the Roswell aliens really just a bunch of crash test dummies? The Air Force's latest report on the Roswell Incident.

GAO Report on the Roswell Incident
In response to a request by Rep. Schiff, the General Accounting Office conducted a thorough search for Roswell documents... and found virtually nothing.

Operation Animal Mutilation
An FBI Special Agent's report on the animal mutilation phenomenon. WARNING: Graphic photographic depictions of animal mutilations.

GAO Letter Regarding MJ-12
Read the GAO's letter to Rep. Schiff regarding the alleged Majestic 12 documents.

Majestic 12 Documents Hoax
The Majestic 12 documents supposedly prove that the government is fully aware of the existence of extraterrestrials, and that a crashed alien spacecraft was retrieved from Roswell in 1947. But the documents themselves are dubious in the extreme.

Project Blue Book
Everything you ever wanted to know about Project Blue Book, the Air Force's "UFO public relations desk."

Supernatural Subversives in the Congo
The U.S. Army's treatise on paranormal combat and counterinsurgency tactics against magic-wielding rebels. A truly extraordinary document.

The CIA used LSD and hypnosis in its quest to manufacture a human automaton for assassinations and covert operations. How far did the spooks get in their attempt to produce a "Manchurian candidate"?

Psywar Terror Tactics
Fear is a potent weapon. Learn how the military and the CIA use howling ghouls, vampires, all-seeing eyes and other psywar tactics to terrorize their adversaries into defeat.

Ron & Nancy's Age of Aquarius
Did you know President Reagan's schedule was set according to the divinations of astrologer Joan Quigley? The startling story behind "Astrologate."

Pentagon Funds "Therapeutic Touch" Study
The Pentagon recently allocated $355,000 to study the purported health benefits of "therapeutic touch." With that kind of money, they could have bought ninety $4,000 toilet seats!

The Subliminal Scares
Is that Ritz cracker trying to seduce you? An in-depth look at subliminal messages and the hysteria surrounding them, from the 1950s to the present day.

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