Standard Red Teaming Pre-Briefing

To be reviewed by all participants prior to each exercise.

Operations Security:

  • This red teaming exercise is a contest between teams and part of a study being done on red teaming and defenses. As such the requirements for operations security are as follows:

    Study issues:

    Eric Thomas and some outside assistants will be doing a set of observations and surveys of the exercises with the goal of understanding how red teams work and develop over time.

    This experimental design is set up to allow repeatable experiments and to allow teams to make staggared starts and stops if necessary. It will also allow us to run the same exercizes on other groups. If you reveal specifics of these exercises, it may invalidate future experiments.


    In each exercise, there will be access to three networks:

    Initially, a standard CCD distribution will be provided for the green net computers and those computers will be attached to a hub that is not yet connected to the green net. At the start of the exercise, it is the job of the team to proceed as they see fit.

    Transfer of information from the Internet to the CCD net will function through the Red to Gray Diode (place the files in //graynet/diode on the red net and they will appear in //rednet/diode on the gray net) and transfer from the CCD net to the green net will go through the Gray to Green diode (place the files in //greennet/diode on the gray net and they will appear in //graynet/diode on the green net). No reverse transfers will be allowed. A printer will be available on the green net as well.