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Oakland Conference Papers

Oakland Conference Authors' Web Sites

This area of the all.net web site contains subsites provided free of charge to authors of papers that have been published at the IEEE Oakland Conference so that they may, through their web areas on this site, automatically respond to requests from all over the world to provide copies of their papers to the requesters.

By having their papers placed in this area, they have decided to automate the fulfilment of these requests, they certify that they are the authors of these papers and have the right to provide them to anyone they choose to on request, and they assume all liabilities associated with that decision.

If you are an author of one of the Oakland Conference papers, you can ask to have your subsite populatesd with your papers by sending the papers in digital form to Fred Cohen (fred at all.net) via email. By sending these papers you are authorizing their placement here and the automatic fulfilment of all requests for copies.

We have also provided free areas for all papers that are not subject to copyright regulations (i.e., papers by government authors which are not subject to copyright).

Information for Requesters of Papers

To request a paper from an author, click on the appropriate link and your author's automated site will fulfil your request.

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