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  • [Pegano86] P. Pegano 'Captain Midnight' Enters Plea of Guilty to Video Piracy Count, Los Angeles Times (lt) - Wednesday July 23, 1986 Home Edition Section: ONE Page: 13 Pt. 1 Col. 1. [Tracking "Captain Midnight"... FCC investigators concluded that, because of the power needed to override the HBO transmission, the illegal signal had to come from a professional facility with powerful antennas. Of the nation's 2,000 licensed transmitters, investigators narrowed the list of possibilities to 580 facilities with sufficiently large antennas. By studying tapes of the illegal video signal, the FCC's field staff pinpointed the specific make and model of equipment used to generate the video message. That enabled them to pare the list even further, to only 12. After visiting these facilities, investigators had three prime suspects, including MacDougall. When several of MacDougall's friends were subpoenaed, and he was notified he was a suspect, MacDougall admitted his guilt to authorities.]