Research Interests

Dr. Fred Cohen

August 25, 2006

Fred Cohen is one of the world's leading researchers in the area of information protection. He is best known as the inventor of computer viruses and virus defense techniques. But his work on information protection extends far beyond the computer virus realm. In the 1970s he designed network protocols for secure digital networks carrying voice, video, and data; and he helped develop and prototype the electronic cashwatch for implementing personal digital money systems. In the 1980s, he developed integrity mechanisms for secure operating systems, consulted for many major corporations, taught short courses in information protection to over 10,000 students worldwide, and in 1989, he won the prestigious international Information Technology Award for his work on integrity protection. In the first half of the 1990s, he developed protection testing and audit techniques and systems, secure Internet servers and systems, and defensive information warfare techniques and systems. All told, the protection techniques he pioneered are now used in more than three quarters of all the computers in the world.

His current areas of research emphasis are in (1) deception and counter-deception, (2) creating "secure" systems, (3) security metrics, (4) digital forensics, and (5) the role of information in conflict and conflict resolution.

Fred has authored over 150 invited, refereed, and other scientific and management research articles, and has written several widely read books on information protection and related subjects.

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