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Our mission is to discuss serious issues surrounding strategic gaming in real-world applications - from definitions to examples to methods and tools to example games - and everywhere in between.

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Rule 1: The mailing list is fully moderated and the moderator (fred at all.net) at his sole discretion and without recourse of any sort, reserves the right to edit entries, remove or ignore submissions, and comment on submissions. Mailings are sent out no more than once per day, often not for several days, and sometimes it takes even longer.

Rule 2: No advertising is allowed other than paid advertising that supports the mailing list. This includes extensive signature lines, voluminous discussions of any individual product or service, or anything else that would tend to sell sell sell.

Rule 3: You can sign up or off the list in the same way as you make submissions to the list. Because we are fully moderated, it all goes to the same place anyway.

Rule 4: You will not be solicited, the list will not be sold, and so forth. This does not mean that people will not find out about your email address through postings to the list (unless you request that they be anonymous), but it means we won't sell or give away the information and there is no simple and automatic way to get it.

Rule 5: Be polite and respectful or it won't be published - or worse yet - I may edit it to make it civil (there's something you don't want to have happen).

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Interesting Pointers:

I try to find interesting pointers for my readers and place them here. If you would like to add a pointer to your Web page, submit it to the list and we will consider your submission.
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challenging, historically accurate wargames
Web-Grognards: the site for wargames on the web
20th century Miniature Wargaming
Strategic Games - Team Building
Political Analysis, Strategic Games and Negotiation by John Darley
By board games I'm talking about strategic board games.
Delenda est Carthago
The Independent Player's Home Page for Wargames and Strategy Games
Play by Mail (PBM) Games Homepage
MEGAGAMES For Multi-Player Historical Crisis Games
MEGAGAMES: the London based group that organises one day Strategy/Power games.
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