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FY 2001 RDDS are now available!
Great news! STINET now offers unclassified unlimited (U2) full text documents via our Full Text Collection! This service provides access to U2 documents added to DTIC's collection from September 1998. The c ollection will continue to grow as new documents arrive in DTIC, so take advantage of this exciting new service!

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Scientific and Technical Information Network (STINET) Service helps the DoD community access pertinent scientific and technical information to meet mission needs more effectivel y. Public STINET gives you access to all unclassified, unlimited citations to documents added into DTIC from late December 1974 to present.

Secure STINET consists of the following:

For more information on applying for Secure STINET as well as other STINET information, please reference our STINET Information section.

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Last updated: 10/03/2000