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arrow Volume 31 , Issue 5 (1988)

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Stalking the wily hacker
Pages 484-497

Clifford Stoll

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An astronomer-turned-sleuth traces a German trespasser on our military networks, who slipped through operating system security holes and browsed through sensitive databases. Was it espionage?

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Categories and Subject Descriptors:
Computer Systems Organization -Computer-Communication Networks - General (C.2.0): Security and protection (e.g., firewalls); Computer Systems Organization -Computer-Communication Networks - Network Operations (C.2.3): Network monitoring; Computer Systems Organization -Computer-Communication Networks - Network Operations (C.2.3): Public networks; Computing Milieux -Computers and Society - Public Policy Issues (K.4.1): Transborder data flow; Computing Milieux -Computers and Society - Social Issues (K.4.2): Abuse and crime involving computers**; Computing Milieux -Management of Computing and Information Systems - Miscellaneous (K.6.m): Security*; Computing Milieux -The Computing Profession - Miscellaneous (K.7.m): Ethics**;

General Terms:
Management, Security

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