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April 1 - 3, 1993, St Louis, MO USA

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Differences between public and private management information systems
Pages 385-399

Ronald R. Gauch

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A survey was taken among MIS managers responsible for systems development, to determine if differences between private and public organizations reported in the literature existed. The results suggest that 1] the negative image of the public sector as an employer, compared to private industry, is not as intense as the literature suggests, 2] sector differences become more prevalent for MIS managers as they move up the organizational hierarchy and 3] public MIS managers are facing a greater threat to the control of computerized information systems. The implications of these findings on the recruitment and retention of MIS personnel are discussed.

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Categories and Subject Descriptors:
Computing Milieux -Computers and Society - Organizational Impacts (K.4.3); Information Systems -Models and Principles - User/Machine Systems (H.1.2): Human factors; Computing Milieux -Management of Computing and Information Systems - Project and People Management (K.6.1): Systems development; Computing Milieux -Computers and Society - Social Issues (K.4.2);

General Terms:
Human Factors, Management, Performance

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